Latam Airlines AWARDS Brazilian Travel Centre “Top Seller 2018”

Latam Airlines awarded a plaque of recognition to Brazilian Travel Centre – Globe Travel as the ‘Top Seller’ in 2018 last March 27, 2019. This is to recognize the agency’s outstanding performance in creating tailor-fit bookings to South America that gave the agency honour and edge amongst its peers.

Brazilian Travel Centre has been one of the leaders in the travel industry for organizing unique tours and trips to Brazil and other South American countries for the last 25 years. This achievement can only be made possible due to the loyalty of its customers over its years of service. This close and genuine partnership that BTC (Brazilian Travel Center) has developed over the years with airlines, tour operators, hotels and the Brazilian Tourist Government Bureau – Embratur and Secom Brazil gave the agency an advantage over its competitors.

BTC was also actively involved in the World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympics 2016. The agency was known to have organized trips to places no one has been to like the Awakening Vale in Brasilia and Cristalina (a land full of quartz) in Goias.

As we are originally from Brazil, we don’t only provide in-depth knowledge about the country and South America, we also provide world-class service to our customers with every trip that we create for them. No other travel agency in Australia can provide you with a service that is so comprehensive and genuine as Brazilian Travel centre- Globe Travel!

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