The First Solar Train In South America to connect Argentina with Machu Picchu

The new solar train will connect two popular destinations in South America to promote tourism and tours between the province of Jujuy in Argentina and Cusco. It will be the second solar train in the world, after the existing one in Australia.

By August 2019, the development of a 20 km stretch will be finished in the Argentine north. In the first part of the route, the region of Jujuy will be connected with Purmamarca and Maimará. Then, it will reach Bolivia and later to Cusco, the end of the course will be in the popular tourist destination of Machu Picchu.

Photo by Thescholar565CC BY

First, it will be a small train. It will have a car for 240 travelers with a speed of about 30 km/h. With respect to its structure, the train will have special solar panels on the top of its structure, so the train can operate. Also, the train will be a hybrid, since the train’s framework additionally has a hydraulic diesel.

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