Tatau Performed in Carna Melbourne

Directly from Salvador Bahia to the Carnival in Melbourne, Vibe Sydney and Brazilian Travel Centre presented Tatau, ex-lead singer of the band Araketu, did the Australian tour in January and in Melbourne on the 20th of Jan 2019.

His name is Gilson Menezes dos Santos. Born in Salvador, in the neighborhood of TororĂ³, Tatau started singing still small at age 14 and composing songs at age 16. He still worked as a percussionist. At the age of 18, he began his professional career by joining the band Araketu, when in 2008 he decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career. But four years later, the musician returned to command of the band, but currently follows solo career after a brief return. In addition, he participated in a festival, promoted by the Olodum group, in which he won the music of his own, “Olodum Protest”, which would later be Olodum’s best-known success. When ‘The Araketu’ plays, as what the song says, makes everyone jumpin’ and poppin’ like popcorn. Currently, the singer follows a solo career.

Touring Australia has been his highlight and Tatau performed at a special 800th show on January 26th at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, where he sang some of his famous greatest hits like Popcorn, Araketu and Too Good, Evil, Lovers, Fanfare, and a lot more!

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