The popular Galapagos Archipelago is a National Park and an UNESCO World Heritage. It is the habitat of various endemic and exceptional species, however a significant number of them are endangered because of the history of the islands. Throughout the decades, strict preservation approaches and guidelines were created to secure the archipelago and its great biodiversity. Plastic waste has been a tremendous issue on the islands and was very compromising to the natural life.

Along these lines, the local council prohibited four sorts of single-use plastics: drinking straws, covers, polystyrene items and containers. The boycott was actualized well ordered and since the 21st of August 2018 the usage of each type is disallowed.

After conservationists detailed that noisy fireworks incited stress and anxiety in the animals of the archipelago, resulting to elevated heart rates and changes in their behavior. The sale and usage of noisy firecrackers was banned on Galapagos, permitting just those with soundless light effects.

Both of the imposed bans are essential guidelines and of specific significance for the well-being of the wildlife in the islands and the protection of this unique biosphere. It also aims to avoid any potential deterioration in air quality and water sources all throughout the archipelago.

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