Vacation planning has been made easier with the use of the Internet. With social media and other platforms literally in the palm of your hands, it’d be as easy as 1, 2, 3 – or NOT. Finding great deals is doable but one has to spend a lot of time, and time is something that most people don’t have nowadays. For this, we seek experts (travel agents) to do it for us. But is it worth it? Should you plan your trip with an expert or rely on the internet? Here are some pros and cons of using a travel agent.



Using the service of a travel agent can be a hassle-free and hands-off experience. You just need to provide your travel details (e.g. origin, destination, dates, etc.) and the agent takes care of your needs inside out. For people who have a very hectic schedule and those have a complex travel itinerary, a good travel agent is your best friend. They save both time and energy, and most of the time MONEY.
Travel agents are experts in their own field, with loads of experience, and it’s their main priority to be on top of every travel trends and hot destinations. Years of travel planning enabled them to build good relationships with suppliers that can help you get the best deal there is for your chosen itinerary. Most of the time, travel agents offer package deals, with more savings than you could ever have when you do the trip on your own.


Travel agents could help you through with unexpected changes and circumstances through different routing, rebookings, fee waivers, etc. If you’re stuck at in the middle of nowhere, an agent is best suited to recommend places and re-plan your itinerary as needed.

Good travel agents will always present the most affordable options leaving up to you to decided the best route. Some travel agencies have discounted airfares for their own market and their expertise comes in handy with a lot of tips to help you.


A good travel agent will find a fast solution and still try to keep the prices affordable to the clients. Sometimes the airline fees are unreasonably high, but the travel agent can help and talk
to the airline to help their clients



With so many options to find low-cost airfare such as Skyscanner and the like, booking your own flights is easy and very cost-effective. Most travel agents prefer not to work with low-cost carriers due to the unreliability of the cheaper carrier. Usually, they will charge a booking fee.

Travel agents don’t always present the most affordable options. While agents can include value add-ons to your itinerary, they don’t really come cheap (as they think of their own commission and service fees).


Availability of travel agents aren’t necessarily 24/7, and if it is, it’s expensive. Contacting an agent outside their business hours could be a hassle, especially when there are unexpected travel interruptions. But also to speak with the airline is also a hassle. This is due to the call centers being manned by sometimes inexperienced representatives. The airlines prefer to spend less money on call centers which will put you, the client, waiting for hours on end. They will upsell their airfares even if they have less expensive replacements just to bump their revenue.


It’s a very important factor of travel planning to work with an agent whom you can trust, the one that could understand your travel needs best. Convenience can easily transform into frustration if your expectations are not met.

For travel planning, it’s always best to weigh your options. Doing things on your own is easier now with the help of technology, but there’s always room for a good travel advisor that can help you build your dream get-way with hassle-free options. ‘

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