Chile’s Wine Harvest Festival – Vendimia

Autumn is coming to Chile and with it, celebrates the grape harvest season with ‘Vendimia’ festivals. Grape growing districts around the nation gear up for a yearly revelry of music, dancing, food, and some incredible wine. This season shouldn’t be missed, especially if you are a wine enthusiast!

Practically every weekend from March to April you can join a different festival in a different area in the viticulture valleys from Limarí to Itata. Chile’s vineyards and wine developing locales all over the country are taking a well-deserved break for a yearly party that brings the entire family together. La Fiesta de la Vendimia is the tradition of celebrating the beginning of the grape harvest season in style — and none would be finished without a lot of music, dancing, games and mouth-watering gastronomy.

The first Vendimia festivity in Chile is thought to have been in the northern town of Copiapó in 1551. Vineyard workers were rewarded with food and wine to celebrate the start of the harvest season. Nowadays, the celebration is a chance for agricultural workers to unwind with the festivities, drawing a large number of both Chilean and foreign tourists.

The event’s most recognizable tradition is the compulsory grape-stomping games. Groups contend to see who can squash the most grapes in front of an audience to the cheers of an excited crowd. At stake is a cash prize and, of course, wine is also on hand for the winning team.

Regardless of which of the various festivals you visit, you will savor tasty wines, delicious food and great music. In any case, with so many of rich, ripening valleys prepared to invite local people and tourists alike to commend the harvest, how would you choose where to spend your harvest time ends of the week?

On the off chance that we have sparked your interest in Chilean wine, don’t hesitate to contact us to plan your visit to Chile’s wine region! Join and experience the Chilean festival with us!

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