All About Cartagena

Cartagena City is the undisputed leading city of the Caribbean coast, a noteworthy city of wonderfully preserved beauty surrounded by 13km of centuries-old stone wall. Cartagena’s Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site – a labyrinth of cobbled boulevards, galleries shrouded in bougainvillaea, and old churches that cast their shadows across paved plazas.

The city is a mix of culture and activity. Its calendar is packed with festivals as well as intellectual and cultural events. The town is dotted with beautiful colonial homes, exotic and highly attractive plazas, and spectacular waterfronts.

One of the most visited landmarks in the city is the Convento de la Popa. It’s situated atop the highest hill in the city and is surrounded with potted palms and draped with bougainvillaea, where you can enjoy a relaxed stroll along its brick-paved walking path and courtyard.

Cartagena locals love colors and it’s very evident in their vividly-painted Spanish-Colonial houses of Old Town. You can also find Colombian-made bag, scarves and some funky, vividly colored souvenirs in the streets and shops all over the city.

Take a dip in the Caribbean on a handful of palm-lined beaches and relax beneath the shade of a colorful umbrella in a cafe with a refreshing limonada de coco to beat the Colombian heat. This coastal city guarantees delicious seafood dishes to eat. One of the most popular dish to try is the ceviche at the highly recommended restaurant as La Cevicheria.

The city is a blend of modern art and funky street graffiti. Huge canvases, powerful sculptures and intricate pieces made by Colombian artists can be seen in the Cartagena Museum of Modern Arts. From the prestigious museum, find your way to Getsemani to check out the cool street art that covers almost every brick and concrete wall in the area.

Whether you’re in for a relaxing vacation or a culture trip, Cartagena will not disappoint you. Explore this fortress city’s mix of culture and adventure with us!

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