For as low as 1490 AUD!

Overview: 1490 AUD - Valid fare to purchase until midnight on Wednesday, 20 SEPTEMBER 2017

Travel Dates: 10/10/17 - 30/11/17


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Rio de Janeiro Tour

2 Nights - Promo until 1 of November

Overview: Explore the fabulous city of Rio and enjoy samba, beaches and sun! …

Travel Dates: 02/09/17 - 02/09/18



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Machu Picchu Tour

2 Nights - Promo until 1 of November

Overview: Escape the daily grind and travel to Peru’s 550-year-old Incan citadel atop the world’s UNESCO Heritage site!…

Travel Dates: 05/09/17 - 05/09/18


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Brazil Carnaval Parade 2018

4 Nights - One of the biggest street party and most well attended events in the world!

Overview: The main attraction is the Samba Schools' Parade. The schools are divided between 2 groups, the Access Group and the Special Group. The schools in the first…


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The Coffee Trail Ride - Colombia

8 Nights - “Horses & Coffee that’s what it’s all about in Colombia….”

Overview: Discover colonial villages and one of Colombia’s most beautiful national parks; the Cocora Valley!

Travel Dates: 24/01/18 - 31/01/18


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