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This was my 3rd time in Rio, but definitely the best by far! The atmosphere generated by the world cup was something we hadn’t experienced, and Rio really was a great place for it! But it was your forward approach, fun attitude, and willingness to take us around and show us your city that really made it great for us. Thanks again for making it a trip of a lifetime! Will definitely keep in touch, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends who are looking to venture into South America!
I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did in organising our trip to Rio and all you did for us whilst we were there. I must say I think I’m suffering from PTBS (Post Traumatic Brazil Syndrome) as I’ve been missing Rio since I got back. It’s a city that blew me away and I’ll definitely be back one day. Once again thankyou for everything you did and next time.
Angelo Cesare
You made our holiday so easy…we didn’t have to think about a thing…you showed us your country, your culture…and so passionately too. So a big big thank you to you!
Thank you for the great service Brazilian Travel Centre.
Jonathan Woltz
Thanks for all of your help. The service that the Brazilian Travel Centre has provided has been excellent and very helpful.
Thanks so much for you help today you have so helpful.
Laura Parini
Thank you very much for a smooth service I will definitely recommend!
Luke Scott
I highly recommend, Brazilian Travel Centre solved all my problems ♥ super higly efficient.
Vivi Vasconcelos
First class service! Higly recommend! Thank you for everything Brazilian Travel Centre!
Pri Rus
Highly recommended!
Ursula Nuri
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